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Easy and simple to install

Our artworks are designed to be easy and simple to install. Unlike most other acoustic solutions where the installation is more permanent, we designed our artworks to be as mobile and playful as possible. This means that you can personalize and make your own expression by turning the artworks after your own preference.

What you need

What you need

(Not included)

1 x Pencil
1 x Level
2 x Screws per artwork
2 x Rawlplugs per artwork

1x Drill
1x Hammer

1x Drilling machine

Included in your package

Included in your package

1 x Loose wall mount per artwork



1. Determine Placement

Decide where you want to hang the acoustic artworks in your space, considering both aesthetic and acoustic needs.

Godt råd:

It can be a good idea to place the acoustic artworks close to where the sound is often created. Ex. by your dining table, couch, office table etc.

2. Gather Tools and artworks

Make sure you have the necessary tools handy - check the list above to see what you need for the mounting.

Note the difference between "not included" and "included" in your arturel package.

3. Measure height placement of your pieces

Take your ruler and your loose wall mount and use them to measure the correct height/placement on the wall.

4. Mark placement on your wall

Mark the placement on your wall using the loose wallmount and a level to accurately measure and mark the positions on the wall where you would like to install the artworks.

Godt råd:

Hanging multiple 60x60 cm Tiles together without spacing:

The horisontal space between center-to-center of the wallmounts should be 60 cm.
The vertical space should be 59,5 cm from the buttom of the wall mount to the next wallmount bottom (the 0,5 difference is for the interlocking of the mount on the piece and the wall mount

5. Drill and rawlplugs

Remove the loose wall mount again and drill two holes on your marked position.
Insert the rawlplugs securely into the holes using a hammer.

6. Install the loose wall mount

Take your loose wall mount and place it on the wall, so the "pointy" site is facing up and out from the wall.

Use the two screws and install the wall mount using a level to place it correctly.

7. Place your artwork

Take your artwork and use the mounts on the artwork to hang on the wall mount.

Each artwork has multiple hangers on the back, so you can change and turn the artwork to your preference.

Use the playful design to create your own expression or change it when you'd like to renew a little.

8. Add more pieces to your collection

We hope the guide was helpful. If you need assistance, please contact us




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