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Arturel X Kvadrat

Natural Arch - Arturel X KvadratArch - Arturel X Kvadrat
Arch - Arturel X Kvadrat AanbiedingsprijsVan €437,95
Bespaar €2,95Color Samples - Arturel X KvadratColor Samples - Arturel X Kvadrat
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Acoustic art from Kvadrat and Arturel

Experience our Arch collection, which combines art, functionality, and sustainability. Made from recycled textiles by Kvadrat and framed in elegant oak, these acoustic panels offer outstanding sound absorption and a unique artistic expression. Each piece is handmade in Denmark, blending modern design with high performance. These artworks are ideal for both homes and workplaces, enhancing sound quality and creating a special atmosphere.

Danish Design and Recycling

All our products are designed in Denmark with a focus on sustainability. We collaborate with Kvadrat, a leader in design innovation, to create high-quality acoustic art. Our panels are made from Kvadrat Really’s recycled textiles, reducing waste and promoting environmental awareness. This commitment to sustainability ensures that our panels are not only beautiful but also responsible choices for the environment.

Functional Art with Acoustic Felt

The Arch panels are designed to unite beauty and function. By using recycled textiles from Kvadrat, we achieve effective sound reduction, creating calm and improving room acoustics. These panels are perfect for creating a relaxing and productive atmosphere, whether in an office, living room, or public space.

Innovative Noise Reduction

With an average NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of 0.35, our acoustic art panels offer significant noise reduction. This makes them perfect for spaces where sound quality and acoustics are crucial. Kvadrat Really’s textile felt is tested and recognized for its excellent acoustic properties, making our panels an effective solution for anyone looking to improve the sound environment in their space.

The sound of silence