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Artikel: Immersive art in co-working spaces

Arturel special edition Wave tile acoustic panel in living room

Immersive art in co-working spaces

Artworks with quality acoustic features

At Arturel, we have our headquarters at Fellow in Aarhus but you can also find our acoustic pieces dotted around the co-working space. The artworks are featured in various sizes, colours and series. Our Wave and Geometric series are currently represented in the space.


All the artworks are available to buy. Contact Anders Cederholm at (+45) 25 67 66 24 for more information.

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Akustik panel i mødelokale, designet til at forbedre rumklang med akustisk kunst fra Arturel

Arturel journal II: Quality content from a new environment - visiting Montanus in Aarhus

Montanus creates content universes for knowledge driven companies. For the company and Mikkel Svold, who is the man behind Montanus, it is essential that the content is of the highest quality. At ...

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The ultimate guide to better acoustics

The ultimate guide to better acoustics

Have you tried being in a room with poor acoustics? There's noise and it's hard to concentrate on what's being said. Here you'll find 6 easy solutions to get better acoustics.

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