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Artikel: How to create a better business environment – for people and the planet

Stilfuldt akustikpanel fra Wave Tile kollektionen i akustik filt i et kontor

How to create a better business environment – for people and the planet

In a business environment where it is increasingly important to get and keep the best talents and have them engage in productive and successful teamwork while working productively solo, the design of the workspace plays a much bigger role than formerly expected.*

The cost of the people at a workplace is around 90% of the total cost of an office over ten years. The equation over a ten year period would be: 90% salaries, 9% is rental and 1% is spent on energy. Meaning an investment in a better environment for people makes a lot of sense for a proactive office that wants to keep their employers and workers. 

Workers are on average spending around 60% of their time concentrated in order to achieve their daily work. However, ambient sounds and high frequency noises are a daily struggle for many people. A way to help this problem is to use better acoustics to create a more calm and better working environment. 

Better acoustics can reduce disturbing noises such as voice, keyboard, phone-calls etc while increasing productivity. The improvement can result in a more comfortable working environment, happier employers and is also a consistent financial advantage for the organization.* 

At Arturel we create better acoustic experiences for people - while helping the planet to become more clean. We believe that better acoustics, awesome art and a cleaner environment makes a lot of sense. That is why our acoustic felt is made out of recycled PET plastic bottles collected primarily from the mediterranean and atlantic ocean. We have created a series of original art pieces that creates better acoustics for your office or home office.

For more information about what acoustic pieces fit your office or home please contact: Anders Cederholm at or (+45) 25 67 66 24.

Get your acoustic piece today at:

Article brought to you by Arturel Studios - We aim to create work spaces of the future that enhance a sense of quiet beauty and promote creativity and productivity. 

*Source: Ecophon Saint-Gobain, impact-of-noise-in-the-workplace, a-research-summary-2.pdf, page. 19.

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Special edition Wave tile acoustic panel by Arturel in stylish living room

Case: Fellow Workspace’s acoustic art transformation

A unique workspace deserves the coolest artsy acoustics. Located at Aarhus Ø.

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